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Even though this page is called “The Letters”, what you’ll see are videos derived from letters provided by memories of a man called Jack.  His full name is Jack Stavros.
It was his dream to bring together all the Stavrosian families so that they would know their heritage, not only on Earth, but on their home planet Stavros.

How did Stavrosians come to settle on earth back in the early 1800s?  How did they adapt to living with the people of earth?  What’s happening now?  This series of videos will tell a story that at one time would have been unbelievable… Now, as we watch the news of our military sharing videos of what are considered UFOs (such as what some refer to as the Tick-Tock sightings) and what seems to be ever increasing sightings of this phenomenon, it doesn’t seem so unacceptable.
Over time as we watched TV and Sci-Fi movies, our minds, whether intentionally or unintentionally, have been conditioned to accept the possibility that we are not alone in and are a part of an amazing cosmos.
Many questions arise as we delve into this story… How is it that Stavrosians look just like humans? What are some of the special differences seen?  What kind of influence have Stavrosians made in human existence over the years?  Watch for the coming videos!

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