The Stavrosian Crystal Orb

          What is the orb in the Stavrosian world? It was a star chart used to navigate through the vastness of the universe. The orbs were so valued by the Stavrosian explorers that the orb was used like money. The Stavrosian travelers would trade them among each other. These star charts, many plotted eons ago, were the maps of galaxies visited by not only Stavrosians, but other alien groups that also explored the far-reaching expanse of space. The orb was placed in a viewer that projected the maps into an on-board computer. Their system and how it worked is unknown to me. It, however, worked for them well. When held up to a light you can see some of the crystal plot marks not readily identifiable to the naked eye.

          When the Stavrosian ship crashed, the surviving crew took what they could carry to remember the day and remember the life they would never go back to.  Among these keepsakes were the Orbs of Stavros. Today, they are prized by the known families.
          The orbs have been found in some unusual places.  When they are found, they are placed in the Stavrosian Library or held by the families. To receive one of these orbs from a Stavrosian family member is considered a gesture of trust and friendship.

          Antique shops and estate sales have been one of the best resources for finding orbs. When they are picked up in estates left behind when the last member of a known family dies, it indicates no one has contacted the library. Records would show there was not a recovery by the Stavrosian Guard. 

          The Orbs of Stavros have been and are the oldest and most beloved relics in the Stavrosian community. They are, after all, the main representation of who these people were once in a life long ago.

          If you have an orb, keep it well. If you want to return a found orb, we will find a home for it. 

Just know we are among you, we mean no harm and like you, want to live in peace.

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