WHAT IS THE STAVROSIAN CRYSTAL ORB? Stavrosian Alien                   Ancestry

Imagine if you will, a story that begins in the early 1800s with a research ship from an alien world called Stavros that came to Earth to gather information about the planet.  In its journey while searching, its navigation system became dysfunctional forcing it to crash-land near an area known as Ikaria near Greece, their ship beyond their repair.
As time passed, the pilots and crew stranded without a way back home, learned to live in and among the people of Earth and now have been doing so for over two hundred years.

Without a way to repair their starship and their hope for passage home seemingly hopeless and their appearance very similar to humans, they did what was necessary to continue their lives here on Earth.  They’ve since took on human spouses and have been growing families with Stavros/human hybrid families spread throughout the world.

In the early 1800s humans were much different in their belief system with many not believing that life existed anywhere else than on Earth.  Because of this, Starvosian families found themselves hiding the truth of their existence among many humans.  Religious beliefs of that time caused life to be somewhat dangerous for Stavrosians in the way they were thought of. There exist stories of those who wanted to take advantage of them and their scientific and technical knowledge.  Their own Stavrosian Guard helped protect them through the years.

It sounds like the beginning of a science fiction novel or movie, but this is what this website is about, The Truth. There is a desire for many to know of their other-world ancestry, to visit together with them, and to celebrate life in the open.  

Now, with the advancement of technology and science and what it is becoming, with discoveries and our ability to see beyond our own solar system, the possibility of the existence of aliens among humans is not such a mental stretch anymore.  There are those who tell of actually communicating with and working with other aliens that are much, much different than humans.  Even the military has released images of U.F.O.s  (Unidentified Flying Objects) caught on their radar and video whose technology is much more advanced than our present-day knowledge (that the common man is aware of).  There exists a tremendous amount of data that show visitation of craft that move and travel beyond our known physical and technical abilities.  There are millions who will testify that they’ve experienced extraterrestrial interaction.

Could it be time for the “Known Families (Stavrosian Families)” to wander out and share with the world their amazing story?  It’s not that hard to fathom as it once was.

Imagine for a moment stepping down on the soil of a planet far from earth from which your ancestors came centuries ago.  It isn’t hard to imagine this possibility any longer.  If anything, the dream to find a way back to one’s home far away in the galaxy would be very exciting.

We hope with this website that we and other folks be a part of this journey, in some form or fashion.

What is the Stavrosian Crystal Orb?
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