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     Jack Stavros was not a complicated man. His needs were few, yet he had one overwhelming desire. Jack wanted to bring as many families together as he could before he died.
     Jack employed several paths in his attempt to locate Stavrosian families and then get them to register. By recording names with their family history, it would make it easier to cross match new with older known family names. This would help expand the database for future cross-match name checks as we try to find the unknown families of all those lost to us here in America when they started to walk the world.

     Jack was born on the island of IKARIA, Greece on July 11, 1910.  He died on February 27, 2015.  He served in two world wars and he use to say, “and damn proud of it."  He was laid to rest in Ohio near his home.

     Jack had three children, a boy named George, a daughter named Georgia, another younger daughter called Athena. Jack lived in Greece before he moved to Germany. Later, he moved to Spain, moving around for a few years. Jack ended his travels when he came to American. Here he lived out days as he looked for the families.
     Jack was a man of 5' 8", yet he stood tall in the Stavrosian community. He started the Stavrosian Library in Maine. Jack established the Stavrosian Guard to help families to find new names a new place to live.
The Guard kept families from being discovered by prying officials.
There was always the fear of being found out. Today all that has changed. There is more and more information about aerial phenomenon. The world is closer to excepting. All the known families are excited for the day when their existence will be accepted as part of the mainstream, so we reach out to you to come forward and be counted. Most of all let us celebrate "FIRST LIFE".
Jack spoke a mixed dialect of Stavrosian, Greek, Spanish, German and Turkman. He was well versed in the English language.

     He spent many years writing to newspapers and magazines. He died before he could see his dream come true. We now carry on his dream; his mission to find you so that one day this new upgrade version of human could walk among the men of Earth without fear of an overreaction without threatening the Stavrosian community. We ask you to help us find each other.
     The Stavrosian Library holds our collection of stories sent in by known families - the history of us; the Stavrosian life here on Earth.

     New library locations are being planned to house your story, your history. These are secured files not open to outside review. No-one or any agency will ever have access to your personal register. The Stavrosian library and the Guard ( S.G.L.) have taken an oath to protect all our families.

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