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Here, our goal is to bring our visitors and families relevant news. We’ll bring thought-provoking news and links to articles that can help our viewers grasp a reality that has been pretty well hidden in our past.  That is to say that as human beings we are not alone in the galaxy and share this planet with other beings.  It is a perspective that will engage the possibilities of life existing elsewhere in the galaxy that have traveled and very well can be here on this planet with who many consider themselves to be “normal” and help us to grasp a new meaning of “WE”.

As the content is read here, some will need to open their minds to try to put together the pieces of a puzzle that has been spread out for what many believe has been eons in an existence where even one of the brightest beings here on earth came to believe that time does not exist… Albert Einstein.

To accomplish this, we are sharing information about subjects pertaining to the UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) and UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena).

Our disclaimer is that we claim no responsibility for the content that is or will be shared here and leave it up to those who click on the links (to other sites) to decide for themselves how they will disseminate it. We neither approve nor disapprove of the content and only desire to put it in front of people so they can decide for themselves


               Timmins, a Canadian company, is pioneering the high-altitude space launch industry with smart rockets.  They have gotten a lot of their technology passed to them from China.  Rockets can be launched from a balloon which can bypass 99% of the world's atmosphere, which by the way, is too high to shoot down conventionally.  For most businesses it would be hard getting any funding for a rocket launch initiative.  It's a costly move that requires a massive pool of financial resources.

               The use of stratospheric balloons is bypassing a host of problems. Not the least of which is foreign military intervention. The use of balloons makes it too hard to engage.  Most military aircraft cannot fly that high to function as a defensive means.

               This is sold as a technology coming from Canada.  The reality is that communist China has demonstrated their capability to use stratospheric balloons that can traverse the whole of America.  The world was told the military couldn't shoot the balloon down as it was just too high.  That is after all the mission of stratospheric balloons.  The balloon system is designed to launch a rocket from its high altitude.  Then complete its mission to find and hit its intended destination.  The balloons are rated to go three times higher than most aircraft.

               From a balloon platform a launched rocket could be on target 10 to 15 minutes to ground 0.  In real time, this is a devastating attack vehicle.  The Chinese have re-engineered the platforms to accommodate bigger payloads.  The navigation system on this midair launchpad is reported as an "off the shelf G.P.S."  It's simple as well as very effective.  High speed is not necessary for protection, just fly out of conventional reach.

This report was sent in by
Canadian S.G.L. Matthew Hayes

April 20, 2023

In the history books

Oklahoma 1995 Triangle

               Yvette Phillips worked as a flagman [person] on a road crew.  Most of her work was done in rural Oklahoma. 

               She spent many nights out on the roadway, much of it alone.  She directed traffic around road construction. Her dress code was a bright yellow neon vest so she would be seen by oncoming traffic.  Her pants had the same neon strips around the legs. She talked about the night in July when she was alone on Highway 281 south of Waynoka.  Her spot was just north of Liberty cemetery off EW 45 road.  It's a lonely stretch of road not much in the way of traffic. Yvette was bored so she started to play with her flashlight.  It's a powerful handheld maglite.  She said she was waving the light around and overhead.   It was just something to do to keep awake.  Off in the distance she noticed a dim white light coming at her location.  Yvette thought it may have been a kid on a bike.  It blinked a little, so she flashed her light back to let what she took as a bike know that someone was up ahead. 

           As the light closed in on her location, she started to understand it was not a kid on a bike.  It was slowly passing overhead.   Her description was that it looked like a large triangle; black with what looked like lights along the sides.  The lights did not show a beam of light, just a glow. 

               Yvette stated that a few things happened as the object passed over her.  Her maglite went off, the flashing barrier warning lights went off, the walkie talkie she had screeched and then it went off.  Once the large craft had passed by the lights and radio came back on. 

               She said her feet wouldn't move.  She stood there in place watching as the black triangle floated off to the east.  Yvette did say it scared her so bad she just couldn't think what to do at that moment.  She tried to tell her co-workers, but they laughed at her.  Yvette said she was shamed into not talking about it.  This event happened in 1995 when Yvette was 30 years old.  It took 27 years for her to retell her sighting.  Her story made it to a small paper as a "What was that?" and ran on a back page for one day. 

               Her story was picked up by a Stavrosian researcher from the area while on another assignment.  As a piece of F.Y.I., he sent it to the library.  In 2022 Georgia Wheaton read it and decided to send it out to others for review.  The story was cataloged by C. Smith and made available for outside reading. 

        Yvette left that job in 2017.  She said that she will never work a night job again.  She turned 58 years old and moved to New Mexico, maybe near Raton, but that is not confirmed.  By the way, she had refused to be interviewed by the S.G.L. in 2022.  I have no information about her location. 

S.G.L. Report

January 11, 2023

Robert Fairbanks

Kirwin, Wyoming

Spiro J. Pappas  See his full Obituary

January 30, 1933 ~ December 23, 2021 (age 88)

Age 88, a longtime resident of Verona died peacefully, surrounded by his family on Thursday, December 23, 2021.
Family and friends will be received following CDC COVID-19 guidelines on Tuesday, December 28, 2021, from 4-7p.m., at English Funeral Home & Cremation Services, Inc., 378 Maryland Ave., Oakmont, PA 15139. Funeral services will be held on Wednesday, December 29, 2021, at 11a.m., in Dormition of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Church, 12 Washington Ave, Oakmont, PA 15139. EVERYONE PLEASE MEET AT CHURCH.


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