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Special Stavrosian Note:
     In 1951 Frank Drake met a man that told him the story of Stavrous.  Frank became a believer and became recognized as an Observer in 1957 by the S.G.L.  He at that time was working on an idea of using a radio telescope.  Frank had been inspired by the Stavrosian story.  He wanted to help his friends with an attempt to one day contact the home planet of Stavrous.  Fro Stavrosian men this could maybe end with a rescuer. For Frank this would be a dream come true.
     Frank, with the help of one of his Stavrosian friends, set up a site in 1960 at Green Bank, West Virginia.  Here was the start of his radio telescope to look at the stars.  This was going to be a long shot and possibly the last hope of ever being rescued.  We now know there was no contact ever made. The Stavrosians would now be earthbound.
     Drake, by authorization of the S.G.L., told Carl Sagan about his knowledge of Stavrous.  Carl advised Frank to never talk about this to anyone…to swear it.
     Drake has kept his word to Carl.  He has never spoke about this openly.  It has been a long-standing practice to deny any knowledge of Stavrous or the Stavrosian people.  This has been the bedrock of their safety.  Carl took this secret to the grave as will Frank.



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