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What is a Stavrosian Field Researcher?

The field researchers for the Stavrosian Guard Library (S.G.L.) are a small group of men and women that are hybrids as well as human believers.  They each have the same goal; to find other families, to unite them, to teach them of their alien ancestry and to hold and keep alive the celebration of “First Life”.
Volunteers to become researchers are always being sought after.  
To be an effective researcher you have to keep an open mind and have the ability to listen for key words while watching for physical as well as psychic characteristics.
They must be very patient for results, always understanding the personal fears when dealing with an unknown member as you carefully walk them through their own journey of discovery.  Remember, you are helping them to a realization of who they are. This can often be scary, for sure confusing to them.
The volunteer researcher would keep and maintain reports, records, and interviews of individuals and families, carefully reviewing all noted characteristics.  
Completed copies can then be submitted to the local S.G.L. for final cross match.  They will then be entered into the S.G.L. Database.

Note: Individuals and/or families may submit their own reports, stories and characteristics independent of field researchers to the S.G.L. for cataloging.  You may add to your own family history as more information is found.  The same level of security applies.

Please consider volunteering.

SGL Training

You can contact G. Stavros


GOOGLE SEARCH FOR “IKARIA”Image copied from - Visit their website


The Island of Ikaria  -  A visual visit including aerial drone video.

IKARIA (Good Health - It mentions looking into DNA)

(IKARIA PART 1) IKARIA Island, a film by Smilen SAVOV

(IKARIA PART 2) IKARIA Island, a film by Smilen SAVOV

(IKARIA PART 3) FOURNI Island, a film by Smilen SAVOV-???

(IKARIA PART 4) FOURNI Island, a film by Smilen SAVOV


Physical and Psychic

Not all hybrids born human/Stavrosian people share the same traits. However, there are certain
commonalities that can be found in each person. The following is a list of some of the traits that help
identify a subject’s Stavrosian roots:

* When you fall asleep for a short nap, do you seem to dream that you are someplace with
   people you don’t know? It feels so real, like you are really there.

* Are you ever startled awake from sleep because you heard your name called out? Maybe
   you recognize the voice, maybe you don’t.

* Have you been thinking of someone when the phone rings, and it is them? Or you run into
   the person you were thinking about?

* Have you concentrated on a subject or a thing for a period of time and then have the thing or
   subject happened to you?

* Do you ever feel you just do not belong? Are you finding yourself following Ufology in the
   search to find where you belong?

* Are you very interested in astronomy, anthropology, science or your family history? Do you
   feel like you should speak another language? Hear words spoken in Greek and understand
   them but you are unsure why you know the words?

* Physical characteristics include: a larger nose, eyes that can become larger on demand and
   retracted to conceal them, feeling of a “thing” crawling under your skin, a long tongue,
   premature hair loss, arthritis that can be attributed to the mix of DNA, a high IQ and a
   passion to pursue knowledge.

* Were you entrusted to care for and keep safe a family relic?

* Have you heard of a “First Life” celebration? Have you been to one?

* Does living a long life run in your family? The lifespan on Ikaria often is over 100 years. It is one
   of the strong traits of a hybrid life.

The Island of Ikaria, where the Stavrosians first landed, is not often found on maps. It is an island
forgotten by time. Today, life goes on much as it has for two hundred years. The people there are very
different from the rest of Greece.

DNA, short for deoxyribonucleic acid, is the molecule that contains the genetic code of organisms. This includes animals, plants, protists, archaea and bacteria. DNA is in each cell in the organism and tells cells what proteins to make…. Wikipedia

As of 2019 some DNA Research is being conducted on the island of Ikaria.  Scientists are trying to find how is it that people of Ikaria live so long.  They feel that the answer may be found in their DNA.

This will show the connection to Stavrosian life.

However this may not be recognized by scientists as a particular anomaly, a characteristic of one group that was previously thought of as Junk D.N.A..

With this research, the job of finding other families DNA will one day be the lead tool.

In the past 220 years the DNA may have been diluted with more human introduction, yet the Stavrosian DNA will still be there waiting to be found.

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