Mufon field investigators have held training classes to help other U.F.O. Investigators learn how and what to look for. They must learn how to report and archive evidence collected in the field.
People like Dr. George Medich, Katie Griboski, Kathleen Marden, and John Gagnon are Field
Investigators, to name a few who help train.

Ted Peters spoke of the future of humanity and how extraterrestrials could subjugate, or save Earth. The truth is that man is the most dangerous thing to this planet. Ted knows we’re here, he just has not come to terms with the idea that we are a peaceful race of people. His reference to a terrestrial subjugation is why so many Stavrosians have stayed out of the light. It’s an unfair and very unethical statement about people he has not sat down with or talked with.

We know there are other Aliens visiting Earth, unfortunately some of these species are not as
friendly nor as helpful. This has been a difficult matter to contend with. In dealing with this physical world, man and Stavrosian must work together. Earth is as much ours as it is yours.

Our goals are much like yours, we want to live free. One of our goals is to have men and women like Travis Walton and Salma Siddlick, and others, help us locate other families that have been lost to us over time. I do not know if we will ever get the help we would like. What I do know is that as a Stavrosian Field Researcher, the work will go on, quiet and unnoticed by the rest of the world.

Are you one? Am I looking for you? Will you step up to join your place in our hybrid community?
We need your story to keep alive our traditions.