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     You will find here, excerpts from the Stavrosian Library; short stories of past lives of members of the Stavrosian Family.  These are short stories of lives lived on this planet that became their home back in the 1800s when they became stranded on Earth.  They are living along side those considered “normal” humans; (of course those who have researched information on ancient aliens might really feel the urge to say “those who came long before”), with many, if not most, now as hybrids with the remnants of the original family DNA.  
     Read their stories, their memories of their lives, some extraordinary with their accomplishments and contributions to life here on Earth.  

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Perry Spencer, Inventor of the Microwave Oven.
“The next time you microwave your dinner or just a bag of popcorn, remember it as the collaboration of ideas between two men; one of Earth, the other a son of the Stavrosian people.”

Neto Papalis
Founder of the Brazilian group of Stavrosian Families
Nicholas Papalis, born 1862, Greece. He died as Neto, with three sons in Brazil. One son took over the family shop. The two older sons went out into the world to find their way. One son came to America to follow his dream of Theater. The older son spent his life as a Doctor in Africa, where it’s believed he died.

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Sergeant (Sgt.) Marco Polowsky of the Polish Army came up through the ranks. His military prowess during the German invasion had made Marco a well-known man among his Army leadership. He had, it was said, on several occasions been responsible for rallying his troops in order to turn a near defeat in battle into a victory.

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Robert Castillo, born in Arborea, Sardinia, also known as Vacilis Colliestos started a Stavrosian Family group and held an Argentine First Life Celebration.  Families still hold the celebration each year in June.  They honor Roberto Castillo as the founder of their group.

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Emanuel Glaroies, born In 1822 on the island of Ikaria. His family lived among the Greek Jews of their community. Emanuel's father was one of the original Stavrosians that arrived in 1800.
He changed his name to
Samuel Glarman and later to Samuel Gillman.  Family moved to New York

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The Great Hide
The Stavrosian Guard (S.G.) performs a late-night rescue of members of the Stavrosian family in danger of being exploited by U.S. Scientists of the American Military Complex.  Army Colonel Markous was unsuccessful in his effort, thwarted by the S.G. who were good at protecting the Stavrosian family.

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Vasilie Stavros, Bill Star, Starr, Starre
Bluefield West Virgina, Bluffton, South Carolina
In the dark of night, the boat was rammed by a pod of whales. The ship sank fast, Bill did not survive.  The men that made it back reported rough water and whales were why they sank.   Bill was never recovered, each year he is remembered during a "First Life Celebration " held at Oyster Bay.”

Dr. Thomas Petsakies - (Robert Oppenheimer)
Thomas and Robert (Oppenheimer) spent many hours talking about what new technology would uncover next. On a warm July day 1947 Thomas told Robert about Stavros and the hybrid people. Robert was not as surprised as Thomas felt he would be. The two men discussed what could be done to share each other’s technical knowledge. 

The new Atomic era could have played a big part in helping the world.  Sadly, its use is mostly military. There are some power plants used to create electric power.  Not much more has been done with this knowledge. Thomas Petsakies had suggested that this form of power could be used to develop a man-made gravity field as a propulsion system on ships or even on aircraft.“

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S.G.L. Investigator George Bancroft was on a mission to research a story about an area called Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

It was in 1955 when the story came out of a possible alien encounter. The S.G.L. will investigate such events in hopes it will find useful technology.

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Samatrides – Shmitkomen – For the Republic

In WWII a small country of northern Europe found itself steeped in a war with Germany. The date was June 1942. The political leaders in Estonia had a secret meeting. These men once worked with the occupying Russian Army. That was before the German army took over Estonia. They were now forming a secret Government. It was an attempt to hold onto the illusion that they could hang onto their Republic. 

     By 1944 the German security agencies had arrested most of the men. The men of the organized resistance had escaped arrest. Two of these men were Karrel and Hugo Shmitkomen, born in 1902.

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Nick Pope:  
Brian Higley and Huber Von Hoffman were two S.G.L. security team members. Brian Higley of the London office was assigned to investigate what knowledge the British Government's Ministry of Defense, Nick Pope, had on Alien presence in England. The German office of the S.G.L. assigned Huber Von Hoffman to keep an ongoing surveillance of Pope's research as well as any important findings.

Iosif Papanov
In 1950 Iosif Papanov, born 1910, arrived in Fairbanks Alaska to become a gold miner. Iosif was 40 years old. He already had a life as a Russian coal miner. He left his home on Spitsbergen Island of Norway where he, his father and grandfather worked. Life was hard at Grumant coal mine, yet it was where they made a living.

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Giorgio Abetti, Astronomer
Giorgio Abetti, 1882- 1982, the son of noted Astronomer Antonio Abetti Giorgio was an assistant Astronomer at Collegio Romano Observatory in Rome. In 1921 at age 39 Giorgio became director of the observatory "Astrofisico Arcefri".

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Jessie kept a simple life. He worked as a steel worker and was a member of the United Steel Workers Union. He loved the outdoors spending many great hours in the fields. His grandfather had last registered the family in 1940. Jessie however refused to do so in hopes to protect his children. He had been contacted by the S.G.L. trying to get him to reregister. Yet Jessie stood firm on the old ways of anonymity. Throughout his life he kept well the secret, as well as his Stavrosian identity.

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Diamond Hunters - Orb Viewer Activation Crystal

1965 Ghana, Africa. Two diamond hunters were exploring the area for what they called the Orb viewer activation crystal believed necessary to operate the star chart viewer. Theodore O'Bryan with Jordan Knoxs were on assignment from the S.G.L. to locate this perfect diamond, if it was at all possible to do. No one knew if it could be done. But, if it was, the S.G.L. could reactivate a viewer in their position. 

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Warrior Spirit

Joseph Carney, in 1968 - 1970 at about 40 years old, was among the Stavrosian men that went to war in Vietnam for America. 

Born in Kentucky in 1929 to a Stavrosian family, he was told the secret when he turned 20 years old in 1949. As he grew up it was a plan to see if Joseph was a Warrior Spirit. His first action in combat was during the Korean conflict as a Marine. He went by a different name then…

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First-Generation Computer

Jack (Papalas) took apart the solid-state components of his Stavrosian device in order to reengineer them with what was available on Earth. Although the Stavrosians had a different name for it, this device was, for all intent and purposes, a computer. The available materials consisted of raw metals, some compressed gases and high temperature glass for making vacuum tubes.  Jack's challenge was to work with limited resources to compose the necessary parts for a basic calculator that could do the job required by the British…
Jack was born to a Stavrosian family - Papalas. Rebecca was born to a Stavrosian family - Moraitis. They met at the London First Life Celebration in 1935. Their known families were happy with the marriage. The marriage certificate has them as Jack and Rebecca Long.

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Warriors of Israel - Stavrosian Jews
An Armistice was signed in mid-1949 to end the war. However, it did little to stop terrorist attacks.

Jewish Americans sent money and supplies to help in the fight. Some went on their own to join in the fight. One such man was named Michael Gillman, a third generation Stavrosian that took on the identity to be Jewish. He lived in New York from 1924 to 1949. That 25 years was spent as a dock worker. He was born in 1894, in Germany. For thirty years, Michael worked on a farm. He was called Michael Hoffman then. He changed his name when he came to America, he signed it as Michael Gillman. He kept that name until he died in March of 1949, he was 55 years old. Michael was killed as he fought with the Jewish Civilian Force.

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Stavrosians in Australia
These men came with a dream of a new life. Some came looking for fortune and riches. No matter how they came, this was going to be their big adventure. Two men, William Anderson and Franklin Moore, were among the new arrivals in 1895. William had a mining background. He, with Franklin, had hoped to find gold to make their dreams of great wealth come true. The two men were going to need help with the hard work they would be facing. William hired a man that had been sent to Australia as a prisoner. He was George Kalvakeys, but once he started to work for Anderson, George changed his name. He became George Kelly, that fit the time and place. Now George could work without interference from the law. George Kelly worked hard and was true to the task. What gold they found was due to George’s skill with the few pieces of equipment Anderson and Moore were able to get over the mountains and down to the mine.

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The Night They Came
Wyoming was still a wide-open place to hide in.  It was an easy choice to settle down there, start a new life. They arrived in 1949. World War II was over.       

So many people needed a new home; someplace they could live without being seen. For four years they held their First Life Celebration on the banks of Sweetwater.
Jack Davis was the family head. He and his wife Cynthia held the three families together. They had all traveled thousands of miles across Europe, oceans, and America to resettle.

It was all going well until June 15, 1953. Jack and the rest of the Stavrosians had just returned home from their 1953 First Life; they all had a great day. 

Cynthia recalled she had just put her children to bed when a man in their little town came over to see Jack. He had news of some kind of trouble going on near town. He wanted Jack to go with him to see what was going on. After all, in a small town anything was something to see.

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Willy Brandit
A German named Herbert Karl Frahm, better known as Willy Brandit, fled Germany in 1933. He went to Norway to avoid arrest by the Nazi regime. The Gestapo wanted him for being a political opponent. He was running for his life. 

When he arrived, Willy needed help to get established. Among some of the people he met and made friends with was a man called Martin Weber. The two men were good friends so in 1936 Martin revealed being Stavrosian. Willy laughed at first until Martin introduced Willy to his family. Soon, Willy met several other Stavrosians and this then convinced him that Weber had indeed trusted him with the secret. 

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1956 Hungarian Uprising
Several days passed before Steve reopened the shop. An older man came into the shop. As he did, he closed the door and pulled the shade. Looking nervously, he approached. He told Steve about the underground movement to rise up against the Soviet Occupation. It didn't take much convincing for Steve and his wife Sara to quickly volunteer. Now they were rebels ready to face off with their occupiers
Note: Steve and
Sara Samyed  

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Spanish Revolution
In 1892 George Stamaty left Greece at 16 years old. He went to Spain to work in a carriage factory. He was from a Stavrosian family. George wanted to see other things in his life. He met Angelina Sengos and married in 1902. Life was simple and by all accounts they were happy. By 1930 they had a daughter named Liliana Sengos, (last names by Spanish tradition). Liliana worked in a cigar factory where she met Andrew Castro and they married in 1923. Liliana had a baby boy in 1928 and named him Tony Sengos. 

Eight years later in 1936 the Spanish Revolution broke out, erupting all over Spain. They called it the Workers’ Social Revolt. There was no in-between, you were left or right. This was a brutal revolt and for the next four years it was life and death for both sides.

Tin Smith in Finland
Carl Rantala was the grandson of Stephen Regulies, one of the founders of the Finnish Stavrosian Families in Helsinki. Stephen was the patriarch of their First Life organization with celebrations held on Lake Pyhajarui, near the town of Tampere.  Carl took the offer from Gustaf and he started to cobble by hand the gold to look like latches and hinges the kind that would have been used on fishing boats. They were able to move much of the gold into Sweden.
It took Carl over a year to complete the transformation, pack, and then ship everything. Once it was done all that remained was for Carl was to meet Gustaf in Sweden. Carl traveled to the Finnish town of Kolari. Unfortunately, he was stopped at the border, searched and was found to have a fake passport trying to cross into Sweden.  It's not known what happen to Carl after that day.  No records of his arrest have been recovered. No other information of Carl's whereabouts were ever found. 

Gustaf Scuhrovec opened a jewelry shop in Jokkmokk, Sweden. He became a mildly successful import/export jewelry business. 

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Dreki Laxnees of Iceland
On April 17, 2021 an interview between Danny Laxny and George Stavros had been held in secret. George was advised by an observer / believer from Cleveland, Ohio about Danny, his story of his father’s coming to America from Iceland and how the S.G.L. helped Danny's father, Dreki Laxnees find a home and a job in the Cleveland area. Danny met George in Elyria Ohio at Saint Mary's church located off Saint Mary's Way. They sat in the parking lot as Danny told George about his Stavrosian father on how they came to Ohio. 

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Louie of Constantinople

Louie Nikiassis came to America in 1910, from Constantinople, Turkey at the age of 26. He grew up in the Greek sector under Turkish rule. His father Sotirios Nikiassis had a small pottery shop. The Turks would often show up to vandalize his business, mostly for sport. 

Life was hard for the family and around 1900 Sotirios had enough. He was ready to leave Turkey. It took until 1904 before they could save up the money to leave. It was late September of 1904 when a gang of Turks broke into his shop. During the altercation Sotirios was killed. Louie buried his father in Constantinople, packed up the few things he had and took the first ship leaving. After an uncomfortable trip he landed in Argentina. Louie found work in a restaurant in Buenos Aires. For the next five years he saved his money. He wanted to come to America as now he had a restaurant background.

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Falkland Island

In 1979 Paul Stone of the British Special Air Service had been assigned to investigate a group of people that had been living as British subjects on the Falkland Islands. These people were a very closed society that did not mingle with other local islanders.  What had brought them to the attention of the S.A.S. was strange communications between the Falklands and an office in London, much of which had not been done by normal channels.

Paul arrived in Argentina following his initial investigation. He met with Agent Joann Hall, a British remote viewer. Together they would try to find out what and who had been contacting the office in London the S.A.S. was investigating.  The idea that Alien life forms may be among us was introduced by the British government. This was the premise of the whole investigation. The S.A.S. had tried to tap into the communications ever since the idea that someone, I.E., the Stavrosians, could possibly actually exist. This was a combination of wonder and fear, as well as a search for technology.

Lester Construction

April 24, 2021, 12:00 noon. We met with L.G. Wilford in Ashtabula, Ohio at a local Outback Steakhouse. We sat in the parking lot off West 42nd Street. 
L. G. had been contacted by a representative from the S.G.L.. It was by chance that his family name came up during a cross match check. This led to Wilford being contacted. L.G. agreed to tell his story as best as he could recall.

Nicholas Lesteadakis, was born 1860 somewhere in Greece, area unknown.  We know he was 16 years old when he left Greece. In 1876 we know he took work in Germany as a logger. In order to fit into this new life, he changed his name to Linclous Lester. He kept this name until he died in 1959 at 99 years old.  Linclous married in 1880 to Clarinda Meyer.  She was 15 years old.  Linclous raised a son George and made a life for him and his family in the forests of Germany.  His son George Lester, born about 1880, had a different path to take. George married Elizabeth Taylor in 1910. Her family worked in the coal mines in Germany. Here George worked until he became too old to keep up the workload. He retired from the mines in 1977 at the age of 89. George died in 2006. He was 118 years old. His wife Elizabeth died in 1992.  She was 98 years old. She was the rock the family held onto. 

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Hanger 18

I interviewed Tony Spalekas in July of 2009 in Dover, Delaware, his hometown. His family was enjoying a First Life celebration out at Browns Beach, off route 113. His family with other Stavrosians were having a nice time. I asked Tony about the talk I had with his father in 1985. Would I be allowed to use names. He advised me that the family would rather not allow it. 

The Hanger 18 report was issued in September 2020. As of March, 2021 Tony has passed away. His cousin Ellen advised me that it would be safe now to use Tony's family name as Tony was now gone. 

Joseph Cohelas (1895 – 1985) at 110 years old, came to America looking for work to make a new life. He married Allison Spalekas in 1905. Joseph took her last name. As Joe Spalekas, he found work in Dover, Delaware as a bridge painter. They had four sons. This is focused on the son Pete (Patrolas ) Spalekas (1910 – 2015), 105 years old. 

Pete joined the Army Air Force in 1943, which later became The Air Force in 1947.  In 1944 Foo Fighters ( U.F.O s. ) were seen over the sky's of Europe then later in the Pacific . Pete had been aware of this phenomena, as a Stavrosian man this type of activity was not at all surprising.  He made Tech. Sergeant in 1955

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Astronomer Giorgio Abetti, 1882 -1982, the son of noted Astronomer Antonio Abetti Giorgio was an assistant Astronomer at Collegio Romano Observatory in Rome. In 1921 at age 39 Giorgio became director of the observatory "Astrofisico Arcefri". His work took Giorgio on expeditions to Siberia in 1936. Then in 1952 he went to Sudan. In late 1952 he went to Cairo Egypt where he met with other astronomers at Cairo University. Giorgio had spent some time on the possibility of life in the vast universe. This curiosity drew the attention of one of the university professors.

This led to Giorgio meeting with Alexander Lewis Manos. Manos introduced himself as someone with knowledge of extraterrestrial life. At first, Giorgio was skeptical yet intrigued as well. As time went on as more information was shown, Giorgio became a Believer. In 1953 Giorgio was taken to a First Life Celebration on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Manos was older than Giorgio by several years at age 71. 9BE9

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Larry Keaton Interview
We met Larry Keaton on June 12, 2021. He is a house painter by trade. He was attending a First Life celebration that we had been invited to. It was being held on Leesville Lake in Ohio. I asked Larry if I could talk to him about his Stavrosian family history. The following is an account of that interview.

Larry told us about how his father finally told him about their Stavrosian background. Larry, "Dad had always been very secretive about his family. He would say things like, when your old enough. My sister and I sat down with our Dad and then put it to him. We want to know who we are and our place in this world. We know nothing about our grandparents or where they were from. We’re old enough now to be told.

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Bicycle Prototype

Pierre Michaux was born in 1813, France.  His claim to fame is the experimental bicycle with pedals. With his son Emest, partner Pierre and friend Jonathan Wright developed a working prototype. By 1868 they had the first bicycle mass production in wood frame. Jonathan pushed to make frames from cast iron, the available technology at that time. 

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Kelly Family Submission

Dave left his family a journal that recorded his family history and their connection to the Stavrosian's. His grandfather had been a crewman on board the downed Stavrosian ship. The family

made their way out of Greece then settled in Ireland.

Dave's father took the name, O'Malley, to fit into their new community. Dave kept the name using it his whole life. Dave's son Mike O'Malley served in Vietnam as a civilian pilot for Air America.

Mike retired as a Ford car salesman. He was last known to live near Lake Tahoe.

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Davakis Report

This report was completed by Lawrence Davakis of the Berlin office of the S.G.L.. Lawrence has spent the past twenty-one years researching the location of the remains of the Stavrosian ship.  He took this assignment in 1995. The ship had been hidden by locals, buried beneath earth then covered over with small structures. It was believed that the ship was hidden so completely that it would never be found. This theory, however, has been changed by the work in the Davakis report, February 2021.

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Security Report

The scientific study of UFOs conducted by the University of Colorado was commissioned by the U.S. Air Force.  This was conducted to support the pre-arranged conclusion that UFOs were not real. This report was intended to stop further study of UFOs as well as put a stop to reported sightings by civilian personnel. A symptomatic course of ridicule has been conducted by official personnel in order to silence new reports and also cover up the truth.    

Behind the scenes was a quiet movement from the S.G.L. to protect the Stavrosian people. A man named David Marler has been a concern of the S.G.L..  He is a UFO historian and is thought of as a security risk by the S.G.L..  Several S.G.L. members contacted Marler through field personnel of the Stavrosian library.  David couldn't be swayed to discontinue his work.  Marler was in part responsible for the 2007 government study group on UFOs and their reported sightings. The group study ended in 2009. The government re-established funding for a continuation of a new study group that has been active even now in 2021.

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Invasion Iceland

April 1940, German warships entered Norwegian sea ports. This began the invasion of the Danish territories, the Fall of Norway. Once the Nazi occupation of the region was completed, Hitler wanted to take Iceland as a strategic part of their North Atlantic supply route. 

The Icelanders wanted to stay neutral, they had no official defense. Iceland officials stayed in contact with Norwegian officials. It was clear that Iceland would not get involved in the war. Germany had other ideas. Honoring Stig Larsen

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Christine Nickales, was a baker in 1968. She was 40 years old, born in 1928. She came up from Georgia around 1948. Her life had not been too involved and her work was nothing exciting. Christine made cakes, pastries with the occasional loaf of bread. She never married.  Her lifestyle was not accepted in 1968. She kept to herself much of the time. Christine did have a life partner that she shared her life with. 

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Fortune Teller

Tanya Heine lived in a part of town that few people if any, ever went into or stayed. It was a good place to not be seen. The town of Verna was not a destination town. She did her fortune telling around the Bradenton area. She often entertained tourists from around the world. 

               Tanya made her living as a fortune teller. She was often dressed in a gypse style costume.  This gave her the look of a fortune teller; it was after all good for business. Her mother Betty Heine was the daughter of a Stavrosian sailor. He arrived in America, 1898. His life was all about the sea as a fisherman. After he died in 1971, at 94 years old, his daughter started to use her Stavrosian skills to tell fortunes to the locals. Betty helped Tanya improve her skills as she was growing up. 

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The Carpenter

During George H. Bush's presidency, 1989-1993, was a time of UFO acknowledgments in the G.H. Bush administration. It was in the spring of 1990 when a group of men from an agency called Majestic picked up a man in Virginia although the U.S. has kept a steadfast denial of extraterrestrial presence on Earth. This man named Dorset was taken into custody and questioned for several days. The agency was trying to extract information from old Dorset on any and everything he may know on extraterrestrial presence on Earth.  

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Joshua’s Passion

Joshua Klopfer was a Stavrosian engineer.  He was schooled in the Stavrosian science by his father Adam along with other elders in his home village. As a young man, Joshua was sent to school in London and then finished school in New York. His degree was in aeronautics. With the help of other Stavrosians, he was able to get a job on a NASA project center in 1979 with Marshall Space Flight Center’s design team. He had to interface with Goddard space flight center as they had overall control of the mission.

 His applied engineering helped on the Hubble scope when he found that the scope had to have a constant 15-degree heat to stable it in orbit. That, in itself, was a great contribution to the program. Joshua stayed with the project until he had a disagreement about mission goals. It was becoming a hardship on the team. Joshua's project manager, Mr. Welch, was getting concerned over Joshua's motives about the project. 

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Allen Peters lived in Montana near Lake Elwell in 1940. He spent much of his life there alone. Then in 1951 he married Mary Lou. The two had one son Steve Peters. Allen worked as a self-employed stonecutter. His main job was cutting and lettering grave headstones; it was a solitary life with his wife and son.  In 1955 Allen was called on by a man that wanted a stone cut for a friend that had passed on. 

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Police Officer

Larry James was a police officer in New Mexico. His father, Mark James, was a lawman in Texas until 1949. The family moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1951. Larry wanted to follow his father’s lead into becoming a policeman. Mark James was the son of Nick James, a lifelong Stavrosian Guard member. Helping others is the way of Stavros.  

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School Teacher

Mark Monroe and his wife Kay were teachers in a nice town in Utah. The work was the same thing every year.  He taught tenth grade, she did third grade. Mark had a connection with the Solomonde clan, one of the Stavrosian families in Utah. Mark served as a believer, watcher, and recorder for the families.

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Gilmore’s Travels

1936 Rhineland, the German forces marched in without resistance. Nazis took complete control almost overnight.  The Stavrosian families in the Rhine knew it would only be a matter of time before they could be found out. In hopes to avoid custody Marten Gilmore decided to move his family out to a safe place.  He was going to try for England. This was not an easy trip. 

They had to get past German troops that were on the lookout for anyone trying to escape the Nazis’ hold on them. 

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Odyssey Bookshop

The Odyssey bookshop is an independent bookstore in South Hadley, Massachusetts, once a satellite library of S.G.L. records from 1960 to 1963. Romeo Grenier, the owner and operator of the bookshop and keeper of the S.G.L. records for Massachusetts families, passed away in 2016. 
In late 1963 the library was moved to Maine where it has been for 59 years. Kathleen Hicks had been exposed to Romeo Grenier in 1987. It is believed that she may have been part of the group of people that closed out the last of the gathered reports of Stavrosian records and finally delivered to their new home in Maine. She would have been about 18 years old or so at that time. What we know is that she has never disclosed her part in the work done then. 

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Fur Trapper
Brad Ogletree was a trapper of animal furs. He lived with his wife and two children along the Satilla River. Brad made a meager living in 1989 as a trapper. He knew few people in the area and he and his family stayed to themselves. Brad had only one friend, a guy named Dan Liopfer. Dan would come to see Brad a few times a year. Dan was a Stavrosian Guardsman working out of the Carolinas. In the past Dan and Brad would go on missions together to help Stavrosian families. That June in 1989 was a time when the local government was watching Brad.

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Wine Maker

Curtis Steele was born in 1887 to a Stavrosian family in Wales. From the town called Nanty Glo, Glamorgan County. His father was a maker of wine. The craft was handed down to Curtis. His grandfather passed the skill down to his son, and so it all started.
               Curtis moved to Canada in 1917 at 30 years old. When he arrived, he lived in Ontario making a life as a grape grower and selling to local wine makers. He had a good but modest vineyard for about ten years. He met a man named Ronald Lewis who had a simple bottling company in the area. The two men set up a partnership to make and bottle Curtis's wine. Prohibition came to Canada with a quiet rumble. 

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The Custodian

Auto Billings went through life as the custodian of a small-town school in St. Joseph, Tennessee. Auto was a quiet man with few friends. He kept to himself most days doing his job without any fanfare. 

                Auto had a secret that no one knew about. He had in his possession a box. Not just any box this box held a complete Stavrosian crewman's uniform. This uniform was made on Stavros, if it was ever discovered it would surely start a wide scale investigation. This could lead to some Stavrosians being found out. Stavrosians are not yet ready to meet dangerous mankind. 

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Reluctant Engineers

David Sherels and his brother Antonio were in 1962 electrical engineers. David had an independent engineering company. The two men provided engineering support to private aeronautical design groups. This way they could make a living without coming under scrutiny. Their little company was considered a third-tier supplier. Although this was a good place to stay out of site, it will not hide the quality or skill level of their work.  Eventually someone was going to take notice of how good your company is and might want to bring you forward to second tier.  This was not what the Sherels brothers wanted.

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Eric walked along a rise when he slipped down the opposite edge. When he came to a stop, he saw a glimmer that caught his attention. Eric picked up a yellow rock to get a better look. Eric thought he knew what it was, but he needed to have it checked out. He went to his Boss to ask for an idea on how to get it looked at. His Boss took one look pulling Eric to the side. Eric's boss told him that it sure looked like Gold and that Eric should keep this a secret. If anyone was told, it could get dangerous. Eric was advised to travel to the main camp and have his rock locked up. He secured his yellow prize then returned to the logging camp to the spot he found the rock. When he arrived, he found that his boss had started digging, finding more of them. Eric could see he now had a partner. 

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From the Ukrainian Reports

March 2022, on the border of Moldova in the town of Soroki, two men arrived trying to flee the war in Ukraine. During processing at a refugee center the two men told a story to some of the other refugees. One of the refugees that heard the story reported it to a Moldovan newsman at the center. The newsman sent the story into his newspaper. The story was picked up by the S.G.L. and then sent to the Library for review.  The following is a recap of that story:
……. Dmytro described the scene, and he was adamant that he be heard. Georgiy said little; he just nodded his head in agreement. Dmytro added that he was not drunk or crazy. Before him was a round disk shaped something. It reflected very little light. The disc looked like it was held up, maybe on legs he couldn't see. Outside the disc he saw four man-like figures. They looked as tall as us, they had on some kind of uniform. Dmytro said it looked like what you see when men are cleaning up a chemical spill. 

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Re-mail Service

Dennis Russell worked as a lawnmower repairman. He lived a modest life in Naperville, Illinois. He didn't mingle with the locals or belong to any civic groups in town. His contact with people was all about fixing their lawn mowers.  Dennis simply kept alone and worked when there was work to do. Being out of public view is the Stavrosian way of life. Once-in-a-while he would be called on by the S.G.L. to help out a family in need. 

               Dennis was most active as a Re-mail service. Passing on communications between families and occasionally for the S.G.L..  He had been the front man for re-mail in Northwest Illinois, Michigan and Indiana. Dennis recently came up as the point man for Ukrainian news about Stavrosians coming out from the war. 

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Children of Tokmak

Yanos Kaniezavich , 3/2/2022, a relief worker on the Moldovan border had been directing Ukraine refugees to rail stations that would take them through Romania and then onto Poland. Yanos worked as a volunteer and has kept him busy for many days. 

On one of those days, he encountered a group of children that were traveling with their schoolteacher. The teacher (name unknown) told Yanos that the war came to their village outside of Tokmak.  Many of the children's parents had been killed by Russian troops. She gathered the class together then started walking west trying to get away. 

She and the children walked for ten or more days. Hunger and exhaustion were beginning to overtake the group. The teacher told Yanos she was near the point of giving up. About the fifteenth night she spotted a bright light in the western sky.  She said it looked like a star that was too close to the ground. She prayed it wasn't a Russian jet.

A letter of thanks and appreciation…

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Russian Event            

April 11, 2022; time 10:35pm. A temporary Russian Airstrip on the border of Russia and Ukraine was used as a heliport to fast refuel. It was manned by a small group of Russian troops. Major Petrov was in command. This small facility was on the Russian side of the border. It was not under a high level of security.

On the night of May 11th during the change of guards, fresh young men were coming on duty with all hands on site being about 20 men. There came a roar of a jet going overhead that took center stage. All the men looked up to see a bright streak flash across the sky. As fast as that passed, another streak came upon the jet, matching speed and tracking. The craft was much bigger and out-maneuvered the jet. An unusual dog fight took place. It wasn’t a conventional fight. The jet looked like it was trying to fly away only to be held in place mid-air by some unseen force.

The craft began to rotate in place, the jet looked like it was orbiting the craft. The sound of roaring jet engines filled the night air, but the jet could not break free. The rotation took both crafts to ground level appearing as if it was letting go. The jet slid free of the craft. The larger craft kept rotating as it rose up into the night sky. The ground

crew ran out to the jet to help the pilot. The craft moved off to the west until it was out of sight. 

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This report comes from Anna Lane of Scranton Pennsylvania and is about her grandfather George Lane. He was a bricklayer contracted for roads in and around Washington, Pennsylvania area. Anna said George was born in Europe about 1866.

She was not sure of this date or what country he was from. All she knew were the stories she grew up hearing about the Stavrosian people and her bloodline connection.

Around 1890 George became a merchant seaman. He traveled around the world spending many years in the south seas. Anna tells the story about George's encounter with south seas pirates.
On a rainy night off the east coast of Australia pirates attacked his ship. George was awakened with the sound of pirates boarding and fighting the crew. He could hear the crack of gunfire, men screaming, and someone yelling for all hands. George made his way to the upper deck. From the upper deck, he watched an all-out bloodbath battle seeing cutlass and pistols.  Both crewmen and pirates were fighting for their very lives. 


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Father Mike

Father Mike Smallwood ran an orphanage in Oklahoma. The children were mostly Native American. Father Mike was a believer and observer working to help find lost Stavrosians. 

               He held his position at the school from 1956 to 1986. Father Mike started the "Boys to Men” teaching program training young men to become good and decent responsible members of their community. There were only a small number of children that could be traced to the Stavrosian bloodline. This was Father Mike's Vocation in life; to be the help the children needed. 
In the summer of 1981, the Bureau of Indian Affairs came to the orphanage to investigate the school. One of the boys in class had been using mind communication skills to talk to a Stavrosian boy in Florida. The thought transmission was picked up by a Stavrosian man working at a NASA computation center. 

               The boy, "Tony Star had seen a difficult math problem.  He gave it some consideration and then sent his answer to the man he had tapped into. The boy was right, and the problem was solved. Now there was a new problem to deal with: who was that boy? 

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Ukraine Reports

On April 11, 2022, this report was sent in by an Air traffic controller from an airfield in Moldova. Ivan Pavlovich has worked as a Traffic controller for the past ten years. He initially received his training in America when he served as a Moldavian Air Reservist. He took the position at the airfield in 2010. He was promoted in 2012 to Lead Controller. 

               Most of his career was uneventful. Once the Russian invasion of the Ukraine began, the skies over Moldavia became active. There was the occasional Russian jet, sometimes a Polish military cargo aircraft passed overhead. Once-in-a-while an American plane flew over.  Although this presented itself as only a curiosity, Ivan did not ponder on this except to say he understood this as part of the war in Ukraine. 

               On the April 2, 2022 night shift, Ivan watched the radar showed something coming in fast. A closer look showed the radar blips had stopped. With each pass of the radar beam the blips just stopped in place. Ivan called people in the area to see if anything was out there or if anyone saw it or have a radar hit of their own. Ground personnel reported three objects brightly shining like stars in the sky.

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Joyce Flowers was a midwife between 1914 to 1949 in South Texas.  She was born in Albania in 1844 as Mirela Veliu.  Around 1872 when she was 28 years old, she went to England to study nursing. Her father Aristotle had moved from Icaria to Albania following the wool trade in 1840. His children grew up knowing their Stavrosian connection. Mirela, his oldest daughter, wanted to be a close part of the Stavrosian community. She became a nurse to fulfill this dream. She moved to England in 1872 for her education. Now as a nurse in 1876 she was getting on the job training with the British army. She felt she had to change her name in order to fit in, so she became Annabell Milles in 1875. 

…………….It was 1952 when Joyce went to central Africa to visit a small school that was using her book to teach the girls.

Syrian Underground

1998 - The Syrian people were going through a transformation. The Russian political machine was trying to turn Syria into a puppet government. The two parts of Syrian politics were the Muslims and the Christians. Both were at odds with the Russians and each other.

               The Syrian underground were freedom fighters trying to hang onto their country. Their efforts were met with severe harsh treatment. Their families were gassed by the Russian-backed government.  Death was an everyday occurrence. There was no rest for the people trying to fight back.  

               One such lady was Rana Bittar who helped set traps and roadside bombs. Her reputation as a Russian soldier killer had swept across Syria.  Just her name would strike fear among the Russian invaders.  

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Romanian Jet Crash
              On July 3, 2022, a Romanian fighter pilot was knocked out of the sky by a flying craft.  Russian radar showed an unidentified blip. As it crossed over Romanian air space, several jets were sent to intercept and identify the craft. The jets separated so as to cover more area. One of the pilots tried to make radio contact and made several attempts, but received no response. The international warning was sent by the Russians followed by one from the Romanians.  Still there was no response. Finally, the order was issued by the Russians to shoot down the craft that had violated Romanian air space. The Romanian government was reluctant at first but did comply. 

               The pilot radioed that he had a visual on the suspect craft and that it didn't look like anything he had ever seen. He told the tower he was actively moving into the attack position. That was the last radio contact that the Romanian tower received. After they lost contact, the Russians asked the Romanians to follow up with a search for the jet and missing pilot. The Russians would send support for the search.  

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Misinformation Group

Our S.G.L. interview has been released as a warning item to Stavrosian families that they should keep ever vigilant for their safety. 

               A Stavrosian misinformation group was led by a retired Air Force Major. We will call him John as we do not want to expose his name or his position. John said in an interview that his group had been assigned in 1967 to mislead potential investigations that could reveal the Stavrosian presence. It began in 1966 when the Air Force accidentally filmed a UFO during a missile test. 


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Political Escapee

Zacchaeus Muhammad Alazar was an Algerian Stavrosian. 

After trying to start another political party in Algeria, he was pushed out and hunted by Algerian forces.  Zacchaeus escaped being arrested when Captain James D. (of the S.G.L.) arrived at his home before the police got there, February 6, 2022.  It took ten fearful days of hide and seek trying to avoid capture as the captain led the family across Algeria heading for the border to wear help was waiting. 


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Bush Pilot

It was 1997 in Sioux Lookout, Canada.  Ian Flenorry was one of the Stavrosians living there.  At that time, he was running a Bush Pilot service flying sports fisherman up into the backcountry of northern Canada. He flew out of Sioux Lookout.  
At one time he was a soldier in the Norwegian army. He was a test pilot on new concept aircraft. He retired in 1989. Soon after that he moved to Canada. Ian loved to fish so this soon led him to a life of a bush pilot.  He flew for the next thirty years. He flew celebrities into fishing camps all across the backcountry. In 2020 Ian retired once again from flying at age 105 as the oldest bush pilot of that time. 

His most memorable flight was in 1989. He was 72 years old at that time and Ian was taking a group of fishermen out one early morning. They had taken off from Sioux Lookout.   Going northeast at the time, they were in the air for about 20 minutes when off to their left another craft was spotted.  At first, no one was paying attention to it. In the air around there you would expect to see other bush pilots flying people out to fish camps. 

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The Belarus Trianguars

On the night of October 2, 2022, an unknown object over Belarus was spotted on Russian radar. The incident was radioed to the Russian air command. The report was first sent over an unsecured radio frequency. It was then picked up by Lithuania Air Reserves. Their report was put out on open air radio. The S.G.L., while monitoring radio traffic, found the report and then sent it on to the Library for review to check authenticity by staff. They sent it in for a reissue request. It was signed by G, Wheaton before being released for limited public / Ufology organizations usage. 

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Wyoming Campers

One of the Wyoming families outside of Cheyenne were on a vacation in the Shoshone National Forest in July of 2021 camping under the stars for the weekend. They were doing a family study of astrology knowing the old stories of Stavros putting the location of the home planet beyond Pleiades. Both John and his wife Mary are Stavrosian hybrids. John's family were German Stavrosians and Mary's family was from the Mediterranean. 

               Their children were made aware at an early age of their Stavrosian connection. John and his family have kept the secret while still keeping the custom of First Life.  

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Hunt For Donley

Doctor Terry Houck had been one of the leading Stavrosian Doctors to the Stavrosian communities. His unique insight of Stavrosian physiology made him the best choice to care for many of the families. Once located in New York, he moved to Oregon to practice medicine for known families in the tri-state area. He ran a family practice for more than thirty years. Doctor Houck was well respected by all he served.

               The Doctor was also known for " The Calling". That skill developed all through his life. His ability to communicate at great distances made it possible to diagnose and treat patients anywhere they were once they had made contact. 

               His work and his ability were being monitored by men funded by a private group that wanted the knowledge of the Calling. A few unscrupulous hybrid Stavrosian's were trying to sell access to the Calling for their own personal profit.  Doctor Houck picked up on what they were doing. He called the S.G.L. to report it. 

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Refugee Relief
Refugees have always been a result of war. Man's history shows us that the people always pay the price when governments collide. Whenever bad people try to take what is not theirs, the innocent suffer.

The Russian army is moving through Ukraine and in their wake leaving devastation in human lives. It's always that way; the land endures, it's people that die off. From Poland several Stavrosian families have set up receiving centers to help refugees with food, water and a place to sleep. Doctor Knezevich, the head of the local

Stavrosian families, is leading the effort to care for refugees coming their way. This is a humanitarian mission of goodwill. This is yet another example of how the Stavrosian community is trying to help.

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Uzbekistan Rescue

In 2018 Danny May with Nick Tsiakais were sent by the S.G.L. to Uzbekistan. Their mission was to find Jack Levinson, an S.G.L. researcher. Jack had been covering a story for the library when he was arrested in Samarkand by local police. The police thought he was asking too many questions. They feared he may have been from the C.I.A.. In Uzbekistan there happened to be a lot of intrigue by agencies from around the world.

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Numbers Runner

Ron Wicker of New Jersey, worked as a numbers runner for one of the smaller crime families. His misguided hope was to one day work his way up to be a 'Made Man" within the family. 

               His father 'Matteo' came to America in 1919.  His name at that time was Tony Lorenzo.  The Italian people in those days were living in harsh poverty.  Work was almost impossible to find.  He left Italy to better his family life.  Lorenzo went to work as a merchant seaman until he reached New York.  Here he left the ship walking into a new world.

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Rosa Lopez

It was July 2011 when Rosa Lopez came to America from Guatemala. It would appear she was

Guatemalan, only no, she wasn't even from Central America. When she arrived in Guatemala, her name

was Rose Diamond. As per past Stavrosian practices, she changed her name to blend in. She had lived

in Canton, Ohio under the name of Rainy Jewels.

 Rainy was a salesgirl in a department store. She wasn't happy with such a dull life. Rainy, at 19 or 20 years old, packed up and moved to Cleveland. She found a job with a group of lawyers with a Stavrosian SGL help line.  For her it was a good job.

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Sewer Worker

Travis P. Jones worked as a sewer repairman. He contracted with towns to clean out their sewers removing storm debris. Travis replaced or repaired sewer lines. This work helped to stop the digging up of city lines that would tie up whole neighborhoods. He got into this line of work when he was 14 years old in 1926. His father was killed in an accident the year before. He had to now provide for his mother as well as his little sister.

Travis had heard about his Stavrosian connection from his father before the old man died. His mother tried to explain the Stavrosian way of life. By age 20 Travis was trying to find some of his people;

the ones like him. He ran into a man while he was working, and the guy just started asking a lot of questions about Travis's father.

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