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First Life is a tradition started by the first Stavrosians to honor the life given to us all by God.
From the primordial slurry on earth to the creation of life on other worlds through the vast universe, God has been the key factor of life generation anywhere He is moved to do so.
Water is the universal element that is needed to sustain life.  So water is a main part of First Life any place you find it practiced.
Many of the known families celebrate the same way each year.  A family reunion is held with a day of fishing.  From feast to picnic, food is also a big part of this celebration.
If you know who you are or just think you know, you can come celebrate in a large group or just yourself with family.
No matter how you remember this day in June, know this.  Our world, our lives, our future depends on all of us.
Keep right with God, keep the spirit of First Life alive.  It’s our celebration that that is the rock that expresses the Stavrosian culture on this, our new home, Earth.

If you wish to register as a Stavrosian Family or as a single person you may do so by emailing us at
You will be entered into the records with established known families as a member.  
You may also submit your own story of your family and life to the S.G.L. with photos.
We hope to reunite as many families as we can from around the world.  I and the staff at the S.G.L. wish you well.  Have a wonderful First Life Celebration.

We will update our programs with your stories of life.  I hope as did Jack Stavros, that one day we will meet as free Stavrosian families.

S. G. L.
Stavrosian Guard Library Administrator
Georgia Wheaton

First Life Celebration


Among our traditions is the “After the Funeral Party”. We grieve the loss of a loved one as much as anyone. What may set us apart from some of you, is that we will set a day soon after the funeral to go fishing. It’s not the fish, but it’s the time to reflect on our loved one, our families, our traditions and our connection to First Life.

Stavrosians have had to make a way of life for themselves. We needed to belong to something bigger than just us. Our traditions keep our roots, our story, our history and they unite the families. We will never go home again. We have lost all of who we once were and now we have a history here on Earth.

This life we now live, we share with all men. Our families are all that we really have. Their well-being is our goal in this, our new life.

You love your family, well, so do we. We are not so different from you. We want the same things: a home, safety for our loved ones, and a chance for a future. We didn’t come here to take or to conquer. This isn’t an invasion. Our fathers just got stuck here. We don’t want trouble any more than you do. We have had to endure one war after another. You guys love to fight over anything. We have stayed out of your way most of the time and only tried to help with offering our new technology, although you sometimes use it badly.

We can’t leave here, but you can’t leave either so I guess we’ll just have to make it the best we can. To the people of Earth, we are you now. This is our new home World. Our children are born here,  our spouses come from here. They may have strong Stavrosian roots, but we are all of Earth now. Our faith in God is strong. We are, in the end, all brothers and sisters of the stars.

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