S.G.L. Training

In the S.G.L. Protection Units we have different roles.

First is the protection of Stavrosian families. That may need armed personnel to rescue them. Sadly, it has come up over the years. Our teams will go into an area, find the family, remove them to a safe relocation.  Another function is to aid in finding employment.

The S.G.L. also keeps records of the known families. 

They maintain the Stavrosian library with archives on Stavrosian lives.         

Training is made up of four basic types. 

                               Military trained for hard rescue and extractions. 

                               Employment search groups.

                               Record-keeping, names / dates for cross match.

                               Research stories of Stavrosian lives/archives.


Each S.G.L. Volunteer submits their reports to the S.G.L..

All volunteer work is sponsored by the individual volunteer. It is the only way we can tell their work has not been compromised by self-interest or financial gain. The work is for the preservation of the Stavrosian families, their story, and their right to live in peace. 

                                                                                S.G.L. Training Center 

                                                                                Sparks , Nevada 

                                                                                G. Stavros

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